Monday, May 31, 2010

wellington boots

HOW much do kids love Wellies!!
They may not be 'that' designer...BUT...they work and Kitty and puddles are new best friends.


  1. I've been wanting to get a pair of wellies for myself for years! A pair of those lovely patterned ones with the hefty price tag! I think I may have to wait a little longer. xo

  2. Hello my luverley! sorry not to of got back to you :) you are doing fine over here...I love the little boats that you make and the bunting....keep it up honey...

    so you are a Londoner are you doing over there in Sydney? They don't quite get our sense of humour do they! :)

    Loving little Kitty :*

    Speak soon honey - Love Happy xx

  3. Oh and by the wellies are the BEST! especially on little feet :)

    Love Ya.
    Love H xx

  4. That is a really gorgeous photo. Love it. I must get my kids into their gumboots more often and out into more puddles. Difference between Sydney and Melb: your child has bare legs, mine would be in long johns and pants!