Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a friend for tea

It's pouring with rain and today I'm having my friend over for a cup of tea. As I was setting up, I realised how much I love loving old things.
You see, it came to me that when you love old things, you are surrounded by stories.
So the story of the tea set goes like this.....the ridiculously gorgeous tea cosy was handmade by Matt's great grandmother (it's my all time favourite hand me down-how sweet are all the different patchwork pieces, there's a lot of work in it), the tea cups are from a set of 6 which were handed down by my late grandmother, Marmar. They are such vibrant colours each with a different floral design inside the cup. I love them! The sugar pot is an op shop find. It is an old souvenir from British Columbia in Canada, which I'm sure someone would have brought back from a holiday once ( I love to imagine who has housed it before me!).
Even the teaspoon is Matt's 1st birthday present (it has his name engraved on it-bless!). 42 years old and still stirring strong!
I have so many old bits and pieces in my kitchen, from op shops, markets, but mainly from my English bone china loving grandmother. I'm so happy I'm not one of those 'save it for best' type people as I get to put it all to use daily.
Now that was so much more fun than sharing my brand spanking new tea set from Myers wasn't it?!?


  1. Wow - that tea cosy is absolutely stunning. You can see the work and love that's gone into it. Like you, I'm all for using my grandmother's tea set. I took it in to work the other day to surprise my team with afternoon tea because they'd had a rough week. They really appreciated it but couldn't believe I'd be so brave in bringing it out for any old occasion. I have two young children and I even let them have their milk in it on special nights. Why not I say! I know my grandmother would be so happy to know I was using it even if occasionally one got a chip or was broken. Life's way too short to keep them out of reach gathering dust particularly when they bring such joy to a simple chat with a cuppa!

  2. Well, that is an amazing story. I wonder if our next cuppa could be out of those devine cups pretty please. Maybe that's when skye 'bamm bamm' is not around.

    xo always
    keep sharing... your blog is devine.

  3. *sigh* How dreamy! I love that your gorgeous tea setting has such lovely history attached! That tea cosy is amazing!!