Thursday, May 20, 2010

ps. op shop i love you!

Yet some more great op shop finds today; couple of great tops for Kitty, Pictionary (never used), a 70's yellow/orange floral pillow case (which will turn into something wearable for Kitty or maybe a little retro yacht) and a beautiful bird embroidery, which as always, is wall-less right now whilst I decide upon it's home.

Op shop shopping is too much fun. Here are 5 good reasons why;

1. Because you never know what you're going to find. Driving past an op shop and not being able to go in is like somebody putting a wrapped present in front of you and telling you you can't open it. Every time I venture into an op shop I feel like I'm unwrapping a million presents.

2. Because somebody else's trash will undoubtedly become your treasure, and well, a bit of pre-loving and history gives the item more value anyway.

3. Because you are donating to a good cause whilst you shop.

4. Because you can leave with 6 great items and only be $10 lighter like I did today!

5. Because you can shop over so many fads/eras and are not restricted to the latest designs.

However, even though I like to bang on and on about how great they are [and seem to find even Cotton On prices something akin to Gucci now], I am careful not to bang on too much as I need my friends that buy brand new shiny labels for their little ones to remain unconvinced, as they are my suppliers!


  1. Can't agree with you more - Op Shopping is so much fun. I used to buy the labels and I was only joking with my husband today 'how things have changed' that I'm now excited to find a new Op shop. I think my grand total spend at an Oppy has been $12 and I was absolutely loaded up with goodies.

  2. Love what you're doing George. If curtains are good enough for the Von Trapp family singers then pillow cases are good enough for Kitty!