Sunday, May 2, 2010

a cat named zelda!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, my 10 year old stepdaughter decided to craft a cat for her baby sister Kitty! a kitty for Kitty!! I think she did a fine job. Nanna Lyn had given her some cosy comfy material that morning, she cut out her cat, sewed her up, stuffed her up and garnished the critter.

Zelda now lives on top of the bookcase in Kitty's nursery in all her glamourpuss glory.


  1. Of all the toys my twins were given, my daughter loves an odd old-lady-market-stall-handmade cat the best! I'm sure Zelda will be an enduring favourite, and she's given me a great kids craft idea!

  2. thats great! its amazing what a bit of left over material will turn into! its the simple things in life they love isn't it!

  3. am loving the blog miss kitsch!! amazing what you can find, design, make.. you need a shop!! keep the posts coming... xx Miss Michelle xx