Sunday, May 16, 2010

carnival and candy floss mobiles

I was lucky enough to have Craig Hempstead , a local photographer and friend come around today to take some photographs to prepare for the launch of my 'etsy' and 'made it' online stores. Here's a sneak preview of two products that will be featured;

Carnival Mobile

Inspiration for this came from a ton of ribbons hanging from some wire in a beautiful shop down the south coast. I thought it was a mobile, which I was set to snap up for Kitty's nursery but when the shop assistant told me it was a means of displaying ribbons and not actually a mobile I decided to create my own version. With 125 metres of 6mm ribbon, a rose embossed metal heart from a store in the UK, a metal hoop and some hemp string it came together!

I'm pretty happy with the result. The olive greens, deep purples, crimson reds and hot pinks sang Carnival to me. So that became it's name.

Candy Floss Mobile

For something a little softer I went on to make this mobile. I replaced the red heart with a cream version, used whites, creams, silvers and gold ribbons and the finished product reminded me of a candyfloss stall. Hence, it's name.

Both these mobiles will be available for purchase in my 'made it' and 'etsy' stores later this week. Boys colour schemes also available. Heart will be exchanged for something more masculine!

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