Sunday, May 16, 2010


Unearthed!...Some blank greeting cards I made for my 'Kitty n Kitsch' collection. They are intentionally for children but if you're as silly as me you'd love to receive one at whatever age! They are patches from some vintage fabric I picked up along the way, simply sewn onto a blank card. I will sell some as sets, like this 'animal set'. Some individual. There's some cute patches. I'll share with you another time.

Would love to know what you tink about these?


  1. love them miss soo cute.. I have a bubby shower next week so i have to get sewing.. did i tell you that matts mum gave me his nans sewing machine im so excited i'll have to show you Friday! xx

  2. thank you! there's some other really cool ones too. ill get round to making some more soon and ill pop them up.