Sunday, May 30, 2010

five favourites

Wooden People carrier - I've been obsessed with this toy ever since my mum bought it for Kitty. I love their different personalities. But we (Kitty) lost two of the passengers this week and I was distraught. As you can see they have since been found. But the loss reconfirmed my love of this lot.

Friends photos- I check in every day on friend's new uploads. And sometimes I come across some I really love like the wishing one from my blog earlier in the week, and this one by the same guy, my friend Michelle's boyfriend Wiggle. Small birds always remind me of home.

Rain- has been my best friend this week as it has allowed me lots of guilt free stay at home craft days. Thanks rain.

Vinnies half price sales - Have had so much fun at Vinnies this weekend. As if things aren't a barjin enough already, and then half that again! - picked up a superb, I think handmade, jacket from Bondi Vinnies on Saturday. It's lushious.

kikki.K- I love this shop every week but the new Cirkus and Resa range- oh my god. I particularly like this travel satchel from the Resa range. It's $24.95. Totally worth it!

Go visit Pip at Meet Me At Mikes for more fav 5's!


  1. Cute post! I love my Vinnies too.. it's always such a great feeling to unearth amazing stuff!

  2. Love that toy, I have a thing for wooden toys... lovely painted faces.
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I would have been distraught if I'd lost 2 of those wooden people too - they're just so beautiful. Glad you found them.