Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a cushion, a winerack and something very small...

3 new things in my house this week.

I found a cushion insert in Vinnies with all intentions of making a patchwork chenille cover (coming soon!). I also bought an olivey green (my new favourite colour in ANYTHING) velvet cover in yet another Vinnies. So I brought the two together and sewed on a sparkly black bow and some black pom pom trim and Im left with a sultry boudoir style cushion with nowhere to live as it doesn't match anything in my house....but who likes matching anyway.

I found this wine rack in an antique shop at the fabulous JindyAndy Mill east of Nowra. Have no idea of its origin, but it's yellow, and a bit wierd so felt the need to bring it home. It is also a complete mismatch with anything in my kitchen....but nothing matches in there anyway!

My father in law just returned from England and brought home this super cute pigeon pair. A mini beach house and a mini yacht. This does match my nautical themed bedroom and they sit nicely on top of our nautically welcoming bedhead. ps. how cute are the proverbs?!

And that's it!!

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