Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Christmas present for mummy? Oh no, Kitty!

Thought I'd share with you my all time favourite Christmas present that Kitty received this year. It's even olive green my perfect colour! Aren't the animals so sweet, I think it's from the 70's not sure. Anyway, this picture is exactly how I imagined it adorned as soon as I opened it up. However..... was out with the china tea set and in with the plastic dress up shoes :( Kitty is chuffed to bits with the cupboard's new purpose and I am silently sobbing in the corner wondering how I lost so much control over my 3 year old's room aesthetics.

a bunting for kitty....

After two years of making personalised buntings I eventually got around to making one for Kitty. It's different to the ones I usually make as I have found the lovely old fabrics and trims that I adore do not sell as well as contemporary fabrics so I ever so slightly have to compromise my whimsical tastes when selling online.
So I sat myself down and whipped up a little bunting for Kitty's room with some vintage fabric scraps, some old doilies that belonged to my mother in law and a little bit of embroidery for the letters.
Of course my obsession with murky greens had to rear it's greeny head and I love the background colour on that green and pink floral fabric and used a dark olive green thread to do the letters.

It looks pretty sweet amongst the mish mash of vintagey lovely finds in her room. Including this chest of drawers from Vinnies and this bedside chest from the side of the road.

I have some issues coming up as am having to move Spike into Kitty's room at some point this year. Anyone have any great suggestions for unisex sharing?