Monday, July 19, 2010

kitty's drawers

Kiddies can never have enough books can they? I recently joined the library and borrow 3 a week to mix it up a bit. I find they bore easily of the same ones at 20 months!
I'm a sucker for an old photo. This is daddy as probably Kitty's age now. Kitty can't really work out how daddy can be that small but she will still say 'daddy' when she sees it. The bookends were a dollar from Vinnies.

I always had a vision that my child would only own wooden toys. Until I realised that plastic things made in China that make lots of noise and flash lots of lights keep them quiet for a lot longer! Damn. Behind is mummy's token baby shot.

Babies receive way too many softies when they come into the world. But some you just fall in love with. Zelda (left) was made by big sister Ashley. I totally love Zelda's unnamed friend that my friend Taren bought for her first birthday. How cute is her crochet flower in hair/ear??

These crayons are the best! They are honeysticks and totally natural and actually fill the whole room with a honey scent! They draw well, and are super easy for little ones to grip.
The drawers were $30 from Vinnies. I painted them Olive by Nippon Paints and covered the knobs with fabric scraps. They were those nasty plastic things before that. The drawers were the off-est white!

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  1. We love honeysticks too, they have such a nice feel to them as well as the yummy smell. I love the colours in your home, gorgeous! :)