Saturday, July 31, 2010

flea market finds....

A box of cottons.....

....isn't the most interesting of items I know but the transaction was sweet.

I followed a lovely old lady into Vinnies who was proudly carrying this box which she left on the counter proclaiming 'I wont be using these anymore, I'll give them to you".
I was itching to see what was inside, and a bit pushy I know, but hopped straight onto it. When I saw all the cottons I felt so happy, but sad to think of the little old lady who had to part with her collection, and who no longer sews.

Old people make me cry.

The Vinnies lady said it would be $4 for the box. So I took it.

I bet that lady has kept her cottons in that old ice cream box for years and years. Well, I like to think so anyway.

So the cottons were saved, one sewer finishing, another just beginning.


  1. Gorgeous colours and what a beautiful story. They make me cry too.

  2. Oh poor sad you can't help but picture your parents at that age.

  3. Yes, that's just sad... and a beautiful memory, in a way. Just had to say hello - just got my box with childhood-Playmobil and it's a big success already!

  4. aww... what a sweet story. yes, they make me cry too. i remember not long ago seeing an old woman by herself on the bus in sydney city. she took a long time to get off when it was her stop, and i really just wanted to take her home and look after her. i thought the city was way too dangerous for a woman like her! hehe.

    lovely blog!

    bec xx

  5. Beautiful cottons and a lovely story :)