Saturday, July 24, 2010

flea market finds....

This week I picked up some cute kids fabric-particularly love the little boy bending over emulating Kitty's favourite dance move!

Gingham animal fabric-old but great vibrant condition

BUT! - the find of the week is this Playmobil house. Complete with furniture. For $7. I was obsessed with Playmobil as a kid and love to relive this passion through my own kids! Joyous.

Pop over to Sophie to check out more bargain genius.


  1. Such adorable little finds, especially the playmobil house, how tiny are those little furniture pieces, its so cute! Fabrics are lovely too

  2. hi there, thanks for your comments on my blog, I love your playmobil house and accessories, so cute, love the hairdo on the fella in the bottom photo, made me laugh.


  3. Love the fabric. I have the gingham animal fabric in a really bright yellow and orange!

  4. Ohhh all gorgeous treasures and bargains too! Hope you have a wonderful week.xo

  5. What fantastic finds, that Playmobil house was a bargain! :)

  6. OMG!! $7 for a playmobil house!! what a find! My mum bought my brother and I playmobil when we were kids: such a great fun toy (I still have all of ours boxed up for next generations..)