Saturday, July 17, 2010

flea market finds...

Not sure if Sophie is playing this week but I am still!......

Finding these was an exciting moment. Sat on the counter with their $5 'Sold As Is' Vinnies 'impossible to remove' sticker, patiently waiting for me!
Starting to get a yellow theme running through my kitchen now. Bout time I had some sort of style coordination in this wee house of mine!
Anyway, the reason finding these was so exciting was that I saw the chips dish with lid which I would have totally snapped up for a fiver, and then took the lid off and found Pretzels and Nuts hiding inside!
It was too much excitement in the day of a stay at home mum with toddler.
Now, I need to get to the supermarket and buy the aforementioned goodies to fill up the corresponding dish. I'm matching again!- things are looking up!


  1. I love them. They are fantastic. What a terrific find.

  2. If I'd seen the chips I've paid even $10 for it. You know me and my love of all things crispy. Great find honey. xo

  3. They are fabulous, what a great find. I've never seen ones with "Pretzels, chips and Nuts" written on them.