Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my creative space....

I've been a busy little bee this week.......Started a kitchen tidy at midnight last night. It will have two pockets and I'd like to label them. What two things do you need pockets for in your kitchen? In mine it's takeaway menus and receipts. Would be interested to hear your ideas on this one? I'll go with the majority...

...and I made a little boat that set sail to Melbourne yesterday to lovely Erica at Recycled Fashion....

..and I finished 30 metres of bunting for big bro's wedding (couldn't decide what to use for the tape so cut out some calico with pinking shears). This was also very economical but a bit time consuming!

At Kootoyoo there's lots more crafty goings on.


  1. Ooooo.... i think one of those boats needs to sail my way! That is way too cute!
    & I love the calico idea for the bunting. Time consuming I can do as nothing comes long enough otherwise to make a loooooong length for bunting otherwise. Very clever idea, & one I will definitely pinch! lol

  2. You HAVE been busy! Fabric is wonderful, and labels are probably a good idea. I'd stick the receipts and the menues in one, and keep the other one for all that kind of leaflets that keeps coming in the postbox. Got to love Playmobil, I buy used stuff from Ebay, cost nothing and looks brand new!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. that fabric is adorable and I LOVE, love your bunting!