Sunday, August 29, 2010

my place & yours

I would really like to live here in this pink beach side cottage, with my mum living next door and a boxer dog running around the garden.

I live in a unit in Sydney. And it's not pink! And I'm not allowed to have a dog! ...BUT, I moved to Australia to escape the city (of London). I lived in Queensland for a while which was nice, then Melbourne which was even nicer and then met my hubby who is from this part of Sydney and will NOT move anywhere else. Which is fine as it's a beautiful spot that I live, on the ocean, renting a unit and I am so grateful that it is not London. However, I do hope to vacate the rental soon, buy a bit further down the coast, a ramshackle house (I could paint it hot pink!) with a lovely little craft room overlooking the ocean!
I could probably get a boxer to run around the garden, but unfortunately my mum will never be next door.

Pop over to Danielle to play along..


  1. I'm not as great as ur mum - but I'm always here.
    Renting - I hear what you say.
    Beachside living - there is nowhere else is there!
    hugs, xx

  2. I empathise, as my hubby is from Shropshire, so living in Melbourne he is a long way from home too. Good to focus on the positives, and call/webcam her often too :)