Thursday, August 26, 2010

my friends, where are you?

Where exactly did Oliver, Nancy, Martha and Spotty end up? Here I am, still on holiday, reminiscing and wondering what happened to my long lost friends. Funny the only name I don't remember is the dads, and he's the only one I have left. I'll find him when I get home and maybe seeing him face to face will spark a memory. And whilst I'm on the topic of missing people.....
Apple Dumpling, Strawberry Shortcake, Marmalade something?, Blueberry Pie (?), Apricot whatever and Lemon Meringue WHERE ARE YOU! (I had quite a collection thinking back).Probably making a mint in some antique toy fair. Come back, Kitty needs you!
And as for Fluppy. I begged and pleaded and begged and pleaded until I got her. And then she was gone! (note; I got the Apricot one with the cool felt sun visor, not sure if I named it or not. Or did they come with names?)
BUT....there's a happy ending to this tale.These guys (charmkins) survived the blitz. They still live with me, in the bottom of my top drawer amongst my knickers. Weird I know, but they are there and I know they are safe. I'm still dealing with the fact I bit all the loops off as I couldn't connect with a charm, I wanted them to be people, and real people don't have loops on their heads.

Who are you missing from your childhood?

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  1. That cute tree house reminds me of my childhood!