Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a childhood memory...

This plate was given to me from Uncle Fred (doesn't everybody have an Uncle Fred?!) and Aunty Betty when I was born. Time has done it's dash on the date but it sat on my bedroom shelf for my whole life. I never remember a time it wasn't around. It survived the trip to Australia and I only just realised today that it's made by Wedgwood! How's that? 34 years later.

Like I would have cared about that when I was little!

My mum so loved the name Georgina, and is so sad that I've only ever been called George since!


  1. I have a second cousin Fred and a Grandma Betty does that count? I know there are many thing I would like to tell my childhood self to be just that little bit more careful with.

  2. Ohhhh beautiful story and beautiful memories that's fabulous that the plate has survived the miles! You have a great name either way. Hope you have a wonderful week ;-)

  3. Wow, I love this...

    I have an Uncle Fred AND and Aunt Betty (but with an 'ie' instead of the 'y'. they are brother and sister :)

  4. How gorgeous! It is so great that you still have that plate... Georgina! x