Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my perfect picnic

Scored this fabulous find today at Vinnies. It's a mammoth basket and there was some sneaky Tupperware hiding inside too! One of those trays for marinating meat and four nicely coloured snack plates. There was also a matching sunflower tablecloth inside too.

So, my perfect picnic will be using this basket (with extra addition of champagne 'glasses!'), a bottle of French champagne and filled with 'The Italian' from the super duper Sydney Picnic Co. If you haven't checked this company out before, click now and take a peek. It has the yummiest picnic menus ever, I guess I should be attracted to the Brit but the Italian dessert option is too good to give up.

Hints are being heavily dropped to hubby seeing as our anniversary is coming up in November. Just got to try and convince him that spending $165 on a picnic is so totally worth it!

1 comment:

  1. What a find! I love it. I think given how much money you saved on the basket and accoutrement, I'm sure Mr KnK will feel the least he can do is shell out 165 peanuts for the food. x