Monday, August 9, 2010

cute fabric-at my house

Little bit in love with this fabric. How cute is the boy on stilts and the hula hooping girl? Found the best shop on Botany Road which is right here. If you get chance please go there it's so exciting. Chances are you already have. Am still reeling in the shock of hubbie actually pulling over to allow me to explore a fabric shop. He must be after some serious brownie points.

I also made this cake at the weekend just because Beci Orpin said it was the best cake ever. I'm nearly agreeing with her. It was seriously good. Especially the icing.

We also walked around the city a lot this weekend. I love doing that as you stumble across so many goings on. My favourite stumble was over this food market. I tried olive oil, Chinese dumplings, sourdough bread, chicken chipolatas, chocolate potato truffles and pretty much didn't need lunch after all that sampling!

Just discovered Lou - thanks for hosting At My House!


  1. I agree, a very cute fabric. There is so much personality to all of the little people. The hula hoop girl is very cute. What will you do with it?

    I love a good food market and samples certainly are a lovely bonus. Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

    Lovely to have you visit my blog and thanks for joining in this week. Great to read what's been going on at your house. Lou.

  2. thanks lou! still not sure what to do with this fabric. i'm not into making clothes. any ideas welcome!