Saturday, August 21, 2010

flea market finds....

I only really notice how much I buy from op shops when I'm surrounded by rich people that probably don't even know they exist! So, I'm here on my island holiday wearing the above (but not all at once) , all of which have been bought from the local oppie, really wanting to advise all the Tiffany, Pandora and sparkly warkly Diamond clad women around me how to save a buck or two!


  1. Don't go sharing our secret! Let them continue to pay bucket loads for mass produced jewellery so we can visit our local oppies and buy an abundance of one-of-a-kind vintage beauties. Hope you are having a wonderful break.

  2. I guess it's more bittersweet as they are paying for Hammo hehe.

    I wouldn't necessarily pop the poor Pandora crew in with Tiffany's and Diamonds. All sparkles are sparkles love however you get 'em.

    But you're just smarter and have a MUCH BIGGER BANK BALANCE than the rest. xxxx
    Hope the holiday is lovely.

  3. Pip, there's a mahoosive pandora tent set up on the main street and it's full of rich designery type ladies cooing over beads. and it's a bit annoying so that's why pandora got a mention too!
    ps wish the bit about the bank balance was true!