Sunday, August 22, 2010

i really really really want.....

It was my favourite toy and now it makes noises and moves. I would actually like the original one, my old one! and yes I'm obsessed with living in the past I know. Bizzarely, I still have the dad but he's all dressed up for a day in the office with a cute little tash (from what I can see this dad's a little more retro-maybe the 2010 version is a 'stay at home daddy'). How PC!
The pup looks the same though. And pleased to see he still lives in the same 'doghouse'.
Two questions; Why did my mum insist on me throwing out all my toys during our 1989 house move, and Why do I only have the dad left from my treehouse? How did he survive the move? AND he made it to Australia? Figure that one out.

Does anybody have their original version of this still? Come on, make me as green as this house.

The new super posh renovated version is available here.


  1. I really, really want this too! I never had one but always loved playing with it at friends' houses and desperatly wanted my own. And I always had a special soft spot for the tashed tree dad because my dad had (and still has) a tash. Infact I have a soft spot for all tashed men as a result. John Bertrand anyone?

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and for your lovely comments. That is a very cool toy! I love toys from back in the day!

  3. Oh my little sis had one of these but I'm sure my Dad (the serial declutterer) probably dumped it year ago, sniff...

  4. Oh *sigh* I really, really want an original one of these although the tricked out one is pretty awesome too. I didn't have one either but a friend did and I loved playing with it! Ahh, childhood memories! :)