Tuesday, May 10, 2011

kitty's bedroom

I'm loving Kitty being out of the cot. I keep running into the room to look at her asleep in the mini bed. We only just turned it into a toddler bed which is now on it's 3rd run with Kitty's 9 and 11 year old big sisters having slept in the same one. My hubbie suggested painting it white but I'm reluctant to for nostalgia's sake. The cushion was bought at the Berry markets by Nanna about 6 months before Kitty was born. It's so sweet.
I salvaged the unit from the side of the road. It was painted black and red and looked like a London postbox but I painted it white and sanded it back so the paint job didn't look so 'blocky'. The blanket was crocheted by my mother in law a loooong time ago and the rug was bought back from Fiji last year from one of the villages. A bit of London always has to feature hence the obligatory Harrods bear in his union jack knit. Love him.


  1. Hi George, Love a roadside find. Clean up running in the inner west as we speak...but alas I havn't found a thing. Love the room

  2. awww cute room. Ive got a little bit of time before my little boy has his cot turned into a bed but with the way time is flying Im sure it will sneak up on me :o) Scarlett x

  3. Just gorgeous. And what a beautiful treasure that crocheted cover is.