Friday, May 20, 2011

embellishing stuff....

I went and got myself all excited about embellishing some tops for new bub Lola over in Vienna. Had grand plans on embroidering some lovely intricate designs in lots of lovely colours until....I realised it was the most frustrating craft task I have ever tackled!

Is embroidering on ribbed cotton a bit of a 'no no' in the crafty world or is it something that takes a million years of practise. The 'tea time' vest which is 'disastercraft' had every intention of being a tea cup (which that is supposed to be by the way!), a teapot and a little tablecloth for them to sit on. Hahaha, started with the tea cup which tested my patience enough for me to give up on the rest of the design and attempt some wonky writing instead.

The pink vest was supposed to have a mini London scene but I was so over it post teacup that I just appliqued them instead.

Are there any tricks to this that any of you would like to share? I have champagne ideas and lemonade skill on this one!


  1. Bless you for trying... They are cute even if not what first planned.. I would be hopeless.. No help here, sorry x

  2. Georgie the trick is to keep the material stable so i put my singlet through a frame to keep it firm (but not stretched) and then to choose the type of embroidery you want to do.. mum taught me grub roses and you can make lots once you know how to do those.. keep an eye out for embroidery books in 2nd hand bookstores and you can pick up more designs.. otherwise i'm happy to share ;-) xx

  3. Simple just buy them from me at blondebratpack handmade. Been doing it for months and it's easy. xx ;)