Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my creative space

I'm having one of those days. Three useless telephone calls with Optus will do that to you (hence no Internet to check my emails and blogs this morning-the root of my grumpiness!) So I took to the sewing machine and with some cheery uppy coloured threads at the ready, I took to making some more greeting cards.

I love anything alphabet, and think this old sheet has transformed perfectly from bed to paper! I've been dishing them out for Kitty's friends birthdays recently, and seem to always be able to fit one to the theme of the day. Lola just received 'P for Pig' for our farm party on Tuesday.

I also recently sent out 'H for house' as a housewarming card (which my friend has since framed-looks cute) and 'J for Jam' as a tea party invitation. Oh, the ideas are endless....

Check out Kootoyoo for more fantastic Thursday crafters!


  1. I love them, what a fantastic idea. Where did you find the sheet?

  2. Hi Naomi, I found it at Salvos. Pretty happy with that! Glad you like them.

  3. these are so love love

  4. thanks kazza. i've been working aaaall night on another project involving these patches. ill pop it up on creative space this week.