Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my creative space...

More name banners!
I had a couple of orders from my previous post so have been working on those this week....and here they are!
It's a learning curve and I'm working out ways to cut time on the fiddly bits. So, I'm using cotton ready made tabs instead of fabric George made ones {I really really don't like turning tabs inside out, I just really don't} and I taught myself blanket stitch to secure the letters. Much quicker than the straight stitch I used previously! Yes, yes I'm just a beginner at this!
At first my hands felt so awkward, like starting to knit or crochet where you can't work out what finger, thumb or wrist to put where but once I got the hang of it I was speedy gonzales.
I really enjoyed making them, and hope my customer enjoys hanging them!
Check out more creative peeps over at Kootoyoo. Cheers!


  1. Just beautiful and well done for having a crack. The end product looks so professional - you wouldn't have thought you were just learning.

  2. Thanks Knicky Knacks! I'm having so much fun making them.

  3. Very pretty and your blanket stitch looks fabulous! Your customer is sure to love these.

  4. thanks catherine, i find it really relaxing to do actually. love your blog!