Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a new vinnies, a new cafe, a happy day....

Vinnies in Oatley is fabulous! And it's all thanks to my lovely friend Tara Tots, who introduced me to this treasure trove and helped me find lots of gold. Amongst the treasure was a couple of Charlie Chaplin matts. How cool is the design on them?!
Tars found this tin tray which I'm in love with. She also found the cute English made tea cups, love the colour and perfect size for the big girls who have just taken to drinking a cuppa after dinner. The table cloth is pretty cute too, and disguises our decrepit dining table perfectly!

We stopped at a super nice black and white themed cafe for a really super cup a coffee too. Kitty's here waiting on her babycino (yes, yes, I succumbed to this ridiculous mix of children and caffeine, but ANYTHING for a cuppa in peace).

I think this cafe is so homely don't you?

And I really like the stripey decor.
A great day. A happy day.


  1. Ahh I want those Chaplin mats, they are so cool! The pale blue cups are super cute too.

  2. I know how cool are they! Enjoyed checking out your blog. your designs are beautiful!