Sunday, June 20, 2010

derek turned doris?

I must introduce you to Derek. I think this is the strangest looking doll in history, he is so out of proportion it's ridiculous. But, I sort of feel sorry for him so I've highlighted him amongst Kitty's babies as being somebody very special. I named him Derek.

Last week, unbeknownst to me, my 10 year old stepdaughter decided to knit Derek.... wait for it....a dress!!!! When I mentioned that he was a boy she replied 'I know, he's a male that likes to wear dresses'.

I think it's totally fantastic that Ashley has learnt to knit and done such a fine job of it, but also, that Kitty's baby collection now includes one cross dresser. Gold!


  1. being an advocate for diversity (in pretty much every sense), i am so excited to see that derek has a beautiful dress! it seems like your daughter is a very open-minded child, and i am inspired! :)

  2. What little girl wouldn't want a cross dressing baby in their collection?!?!? xo

  3. Derek looks great - what a fantastic job she's done of the knitting! Get 'em crafting early I say!

  4. Derek is excellent ! Being a big Eddie Izzard fan I'm hoping Derek falls in the "executive transvestite" role!