Sunday, September 19, 2010

tinsy winsy bunting

Inspired by the wonderful Twirling Betty and in an attempt to get semi organised I made a wedding card for my brother last night. I used this tutorial from TB's blog to make the bunting. Making minuscule bunting is so much fun, no patterns, no pins and NO IRONING. However it should come attached with the warning; tinsy winsy bunting should not be attempted (for the first time) under the influence of alcohol at silly o'clock. Your fingers will seem to have quadrupled in size and you will most definitely fall out with your sewing machine.

Kitty's second birthday will be in my mum's back garden this year. I might have to include the wedding bunting (at 60 metres long I can probably wrap it around my parents house twice over!) and I will definitely be making some of this cake bunting, also by the fabulous Twirling Betty (I'm a big fan!). I am getting very excited about her English tea party birthday and the eternal weather optimist in me (this is a compulsory British trait) will keep believing the sun WILL SHINE that day.


  1. oh george- i loooove your little bunting wedding card!

    and know that whoops silly o'clock creative frenzy that happens after a glass of vino...too funny!

    how lovely is it to plan your little ones bday party!! have fun!!

    melissa xx

  2. Funny, I could never get one made if I was having a wine either!

  3. Hehe, that would be me, making these late at night after a wine....I have been warned now!