Saturday, September 18, 2010

flea market finds....

Baby pink colander still with original price tag of $30 I got for $5. Lovely.
The tea towel it's sitting on was 50 cents. They came as a pair, the other one is yellow and orange striped. They look so Eastern European and are made in Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic now!)
I got this simple little top for Kitty which I wouldn't normally bother to show but my friend who I was with at the time whipped it off me and embroidered some roses on it so think it's really cute now and worth showing off.

Pop over to Sophie for more fabulous finds!


  1. What a lucky find.....I love the pink colander and the colours of the tea towel are so springy. Hope your weekend has been lovely! x

  2. Love the colander - even better when you can snaffle it up for $5! The embroidery is very cute.

  3. your friend is very clever embroidering those pretty roses! Love the pink colander

  4. Love the colander - looks so yummy with those strawberries and sunlight!

  5. the colander is great - what a sweet colour!!