Saturday, September 18, 2010

handmade christmas

Tracey, I love your handmade Christmas idea. I'm in need of some Christmas inspiration and I had thought about making some pressies to take back to the UK with me in a couple of weeks.

That would be the sensible thing to do, but I will still wait till I get back to Oz, panic, try and make/buy a million things in the space of a week and spend a small fortune sending it back to exactly the same spot I just flew out of. Ridiculous.

But for now, I have to buy these crochet covered beads from here for Kitty's stocking.

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  1. Oh, I just love these! I feel compelled to help you get through this Christmas stress free. Next you post, feel free to give us a description of who you need to buy for and we'll try to come up with some handmade ideas for you. By the way, had a look at those crochet necklaces on Etsy and they've already SOLD OUT!!! Thanks for joining in. Trace :)