Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my creative space.....

I actually made something for myself this week! I had some leftover fabric from the chair I upholstered in our bedroom so knocked up some matching bunting to hang across the bed. I actually detested this bed when I first saw it, but it was my hubbies pride n' joy so I have had to learn to love it. And I sort of do but I just wish the wood was super light and not verging on that dodgy early 90's high shine pine!
Mum always said 'sleep tight' when I was little (and still does now!)
I am the first to whinge about people not RSVP-ing. Apparently my brother's fiancee was also whinging about me not having sent one yet. So I popped this in the post today (I used some of the material from her wedding bunting). It's got me thinking about making some more of these cards and words have been popping up in my head all day relating to different occasions. FUN!

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  1. very nice - like the message and that it came from someone very close. I sleep very far away not tight at all - i might need a reminder like you...

    Like the blue on the wood - did you do?

  2. thanks! no that was how the wood came! i like the blue too.

  3. The bunting across the bed head is gorgeous. Ad is that a sailing ship on the wood? The RSVP note is so cute too!!

  4. Love the bunting. Really cute. As for the card, I think you are on a winner there.

  5. Love the banner / bunting and the sentiment behind it.