Monday, September 6, 2010

little mummy, little daddy

This is my favourite shot of my mum as a girl. I love the fact the only smart outfit she owned was her school uniform, hence having to wear that to Trafalgar Square to feed the pigeons. I also love the fact that this was one of mum's favourite things to do as a kid, and was one of mine too! We probably fed generations of the same family of pigeons. I love the fact that everybody is posing in the picture. The backgrounders remind me of that advert when everybody strikes a pose for the shot. But my favourite thing is that my beautiful Nan who was a hairdresser, has cut the wonkiest fringe I think I've ever seen. Classic.
This is my favourite shot of my dad as a wee lad. It just epitomises a day trip to the English seaside to me. Another of my favourite activities as a kid. A walk along the pier (not sure which pier is in this photo but guessing Brighton), the obligatory Mr Whippy ice cream, a play on the penny falls at the seafront arcade, fish and chips for dinner and a stick of rock for dessert. Plus, my dad is totally cute and for a family living on the breadline I think they managed to look superbly turned out for their day at the beach!

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  1. Thanks for sharing those lovely photo's. I love his little shorts and his dad's fairisle vest. I think life was tough back then but the family made the best of what they had.