Saturday, September 11, 2010

flea market finds....

A bunch of beads to make jewellery for Kitty $3
THE find of the day. A French oven dish/ramekin set $8-in love!!
London Underground tea towel-couldn't very well leave that behind! $0.50
Tin Cans for the garden $5 for set
More earrings-to satisfy my fetish! $2 each


  1. Oh my! That ramekin set is awesome and I can't believe that tea towel was only $0.50. Lucky you.

  2. oh flea market days are lovely....oh my eldest daughter {12} just walked past..."wicked earrings!"'re soo cool!

    i did a boot sale this morning- alas nothing so cool for my gal in the jewellery dept but seriously great house buys!

    hope you had lovely weekend...

    melissa x

  3. melissa, it's funny as my 10 year old stepdaughter thinks i'm totally uncool! i'll show her this comment!

    alison, i've woken up this morning loving my 50 cent tea towel. am going to make it into a wall hanging.

  4. what awesome finds! what a happy bowl of beads :)

    thanks for entering my giveaway... kel xx

  5. Wow, the red dish and ramekins are divine, great find!!!