Wednesday, September 15, 2010

my creative space.....

This is a birthday box for Kitty. I'm not so keen on my design (fully rushed into it once I got excited about the concept!). I have kept my favourite card from Kitty's 1st birthday. In that card I have written an account of the day including guests, location, presents, cake and silly things like what day it fell on and what the weather was like. I have also kept a copy of the invitation and a picture of Kitty blowing out the candle inside the card too.

Once Kitty gets bigger, she can start to choose her favourite card (if the control freak in me will allow this!!).

I would have loved a box of birthdays, each one individually described, and it will be interesting to see how the design trend of cards will change over the years.

More creative stuff over here.


  1. such a clever idea!
    I wish I had done the same. At least I started birthday photo albums including the birthday card & each party invitation...
    lovely box & i like the granny squares in the background :)

  2. What a perfectly wonderful idea!
    Definately something I will do for my little ones one day!

  3. I have a time capsule for each of my girls. Must post this up soon. xo