Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my creative space.....

I have been chop chop chopping ribbons. Time is evaporating on me and big brother's wedding is creeping up very quickly. My carnival mobile is what first inspired their brightly coloured, village fete, Cath Kidston country fair themed wedding. So I thought I'd better get making some to take with me. And with 125 metres of ribbon in each one, that is a lot of chopping let me tell you! It's even given me RSI in my fingers!
Whether to dot them around the trees or hang them from the oak beams in the 16th century medieval barn? Aww, what a lovely decision to have to make! Am so excited to decorate the venue the day before.

Kootoyoo is on holidays but I thought I'd still play anyway.


  1. That looks SO lovely! I love it. Hope your RSI in your fingers get better in time to make a custom order by Christmas *wink wink* Your brother is so lucky to have such a wonderful, creative sister :)

  2. thanks kazza. i think i have plenty more ribbon chopping in me still! have a great weekend.