Monday, November 29, 2010

birds n' the bees party

I have themed party obsession. I remember friends telling me they were nervous turning up to my 'from the musicals' themed 30th just in case I felt they hadn't put enough effort in. That's not so good, AND it's worsening rapidly since giving birth.

So today we had our mums group joint 2nd birthday. Original plans were rained off so one of my lovely girls volunteered her place. I insisted on a theme, to which there are always a symphony of sighs, which was ladybirds and bumblebees (my two favourite bugs, in fact the only bugs that don't get 'Mortein-ed' beyond recognition in my house). Leaving everything to the last minute, I managed a scoot up to Spotlight yesterday and grabbed some fur from which I made a simple 'Pebbles' style getup. BUT she wouldn't keep her antennas on. Not part of my plan. Theming obsessed mummy and independent 2 year old= not a happy mix.
The gorgeous Seth kept his bumblebee wings on the whole time.
For a touch of nostalgia I made a washing line of all our bubs at 6 months old, complete with bumblebee and ladybird pegs!
I even made the mummys bring matching food. Deeper sighs.
BUT, best dressed for me had to be Hannah. She looked so sweet in her bumblebee cossie and swim hat.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

flea market finds....

There's nothing in the world more satisfying than an op shop sale! This week at my local it was 50% off shoes. And there they were. A cute little pair of Cath Kidston plimsolls which were the perfect size for my 8 year old stepdaughter. Didn't even realise Cath did shoes. And how they found their way to my local op shop in time for half price shoes is a work of magic.
This is not an op shop find but I'm excited as I received it this morning over a coffee with my girlfriend who decided to brush the dust off her machine and whipped this up for Kitty. Of course it was frantic undressing mid flat white, my impatience does not do 'waiting until we get home'. The fabric is beautiful and it fitted perfectly. Well done Alecia, you are pure genius!

Pop to Sophie's for more bargain treats.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm no shopper when it comes to gigantic Westfield type shopping centres. In fact, those places make me feel nauseous and I only go there if I absolutely MUST and if I need a kikki.K fix. My idea of shopping is stumbling across a small eclectic town with a few nik nak shops, ANY op shop (especially those in rural places down really small side streets where you still find fantastic things super cheap), markets or I don't mind a dabble in a bit of online shopping.

If I stumble across a shop that has oilcloth bunting draped across the front I will most definitely go in. I wouldn't care what it sold. I glimpsed this place driving past in the Blue Mountains, got myself a wee bit excited, found myself walking down the winding path to the door.....
....saw a quilt hanging there, excitement has now reached a new level, enter to find three rooms filled with an abundance of buttons, fabrics, ribbons and all my favourite things inside. I was in heaven!
I also really love these kinds of shops. This was another fabulous find in the Blue Mountains. I get really jittery when I enter shops like this as I feel like I'm not going to be able to get to every nook and cranny and panic I'm going to miss something really special. Shops like this make me really miss my mum. She takes Kitty off my hands and lets me take all the time in the world. And I need a lot of that in shops like this.
I quite love shops like this too although I do find them a bit samey after a while. This was in my favourite newly discovered town I visited back home, Stamford. It was just me and my gorgeous girlfriends from university days, milling around, a little bit hungover, taking all the time we needed to browse every little nik nak shop in town. With lots of food breaks ( I refuse to shop with anybody that does not need to do morning coffee, mid morning tea, lunch, early afternoon coffee and a late afternoon tea with some sort of cake involved).
I lived in England for 28 years and never looked up. But back home recently, I had a permanent flip top head on, checking out all the beautiful architecture, like these super ornate shop fronts.I totally took all that for granted before I came to oz. I did lots of 'oohs' and 'aaahs' and drove my girlfriends mad who were confused about their new touristy type friend.
Speaking of which, I'm sure they also found it quite ludicrous that I wanted us all to pose for a picture outside this shop because I loved their faded, whimsical bunting. Quite a sweet oldie worldie shop front it is too! OOOHHH, AAAAHHHH!!!!
(That's me in the pink hat).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

9 to go....

....and I'm on my 100th post. Phew.
In true blogging generosity I'm going to host my own little GIVEAWAY.
Everyone to comment on 'post 100' will be bunched up on tiny pieces of paper and pulled out of something a week later.
If you are picked, you will then be able to choose a name bunting of your choice.
Remember, these can work beyond a children's name bunting, I will make anything for you, have a look here for just one other option. A 'home sweet home' is another sweet alternative.
I'm a bit excited actually, think I might be posting quite a lot in the next few days...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

some girlie organisation

It's getting a bit busy over at kitty n' kitsch, anyone would think Christmas is coming.

I really enjoyed making this custom order for 3 little girlies waiting to get super organised in time for Christmas. These pockets are designed to house those trinkets that find themselves under beds and behind the sofas! Hair bands, clips, necklaces, lip gloss or secret notes.

I managed to include some of my delicious new ribbons from my recent trip back home too.

Got to dash, Bernina's calling......

Saturday, November 20, 2010

my stocking arrives...

....and what a beautiful looking stocking it is too! Still feeling a little bit homesick since my trip back home, it was the best cheery up when I picked it up yesterday. Absolutely brilliant crafting and lots of lovely details too;
....this trimming was top notch. Such a sweet idea and.....
...the buttons are to die for and....
....i was very touched that you had done a bit of research on me and filled it up with pommy sweets! Including my absolute favourite and desperately missed Galaxy Minstrels! All wrapped up in that lovely Christmas bauble fabric and a big fat red velvet ribbon.

Thanks Selina for hosting this really cheery swap. Thanks Tracey for putting in such a huge effort, it couldn't have arrived at a better time for this sad little pom missing her mum!

Monday, November 15, 2010

excess baggage

I must admit I thought shopping for fabrics in the UK was going to be out of this world. However, I am very pleased to admit that my lovely little local is still the best selection I've found.

I did, however, manage to put myself in that oh so familiar position of purchasing a new case, paying the 40 quid excess and bringing home this lot. I looked in Wales, Norfolk, Rutland and Berwick Street in London for something a little bit different but really.....we have as good a selection down under after all (stroking fabrics in Liberty London however, was a bit special!)
I really enjoyed the ribbons though. There was definitely a better selection and some really lovely quality ones at good prices. 'piece de resistance' was definitely this original Mary Quant fabric picked up at mum's local charity shop for a pound! There's a good few metres, and I'm not sure where to go with it, but in true Quant style I quite fancy a nice little shift dress for summer.

Lovely stuff.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

cute tags

My paper obsessed girlfriend has recently opened up her Blonde Brat Pack shop on Made It. I thought I'd share them with you as they really are so cute....
....and playful and perfect as a finishing touch to a brown paper package tied up with string.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

let me eat cake.

England and cake go hand in hand for me. This is one of many devonshire teas with mum at a local farm cafe. I eat A LOT of scones when I come home. This is a favourite spot. The scones are fresh and perfect, the jam comes in a little pot, the cream is clotted and the plates are Cath Kidston. Pretty brave I think! Oh, and I also like the mug the tea comes in too. Whilst we're on the subject of cake.... is Kitty's birthday cake. She was 2 last week. Pretty simple in comparison to my usual efforts but I did make the Twirling Betty mini bunting which I think sets it off nicely. I love being at home. I remember that doilie from when I was as little as Kitty is now. There is so much nostalgia around me here [big deep breath].......

....and since I had arranged a spooky Halloween weekend away with my girlfriends, I found yet another excuse to make a cake. I also carved my very first pumpkin this year, sad but true, and he's sitting there nicely in the background taking it all in.
Tomorrow night M & S Christmas Pud with Brandy Sauce is on the menu. Home is where the heart (cake) is.