Wednesday, November 24, 2010

9 to go....

....and I'm on my 100th post. Phew.
In true blogging generosity I'm going to host my own little GIVEAWAY.
Everyone to comment on 'post 100' will be bunched up on tiny pieces of paper and pulled out of something a week later.
If you are picked, you will then be able to choose a name bunting of your choice.
Remember, these can work beyond a children's name bunting, I will make anything for you, have a look here for just one other option. A 'home sweet home' is another sweet alternative.
I'm a bit excited actually, think I might be posting quite a lot in the next few days...


  1. ooohhhh ! That's a bit exciting !
    Good luck with the rest of posts to get to the magic 100 ! Have a good week, Dee x

  2. Very nice indeedy doo. Congrats on the big 100, super achievement.


  3. Congratulations on 100 posts. Loving your blog and loving this giveaway. Keep up the great work!!

  4. Well done lovely. Quite the milestone. Here's to 100 more!