Monday, November 29, 2010

birds n' the bees party

I have themed party obsession. I remember friends telling me they were nervous turning up to my 'from the musicals' themed 30th just in case I felt they hadn't put enough effort in. That's not so good, AND it's worsening rapidly since giving birth.

So today we had our mums group joint 2nd birthday. Original plans were rained off so one of my lovely girls volunteered her place. I insisted on a theme, to which there are always a symphony of sighs, which was ladybirds and bumblebees (my two favourite bugs, in fact the only bugs that don't get 'Mortein-ed' beyond recognition in my house). Leaving everything to the last minute, I managed a scoot up to Spotlight yesterday and grabbed some fur from which I made a simple 'Pebbles' style getup. BUT she wouldn't keep her antennas on. Not part of my plan. Theming obsessed mummy and independent 2 year old= not a happy mix.
The gorgeous Seth kept his bumblebee wings on the whole time.
For a touch of nostalgia I made a washing line of all our bubs at 6 months old, complete with bumblebee and ladybird pegs!
I even made the mummys bring matching food. Deeper sighs.
BUT, best dressed for me had to be Hannah. She looked so sweet in her bumblebee cossie and swim hat.

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  1. Lovely post George. You are blessed and very lucky to have a group of chicks around you like this. Happy days. xop