Tuesday, November 2, 2010

let me eat cake.

England and cake go hand in hand for me. This is one of many devonshire teas with mum at a local farm cafe. I eat A LOT of scones when I come home. This is a favourite spot. The scones are fresh and perfect, the jam comes in a little pot, the cream is clotted and the plates are Cath Kidston. Pretty brave I think! Oh, and I also like the mug the tea comes in too. Whilst we're on the subject of cake....
....here is Kitty's birthday cake. She was 2 last week. Pretty simple in comparison to my usual efforts but I did make the Twirling Betty mini bunting which I think sets it off nicely. I love being at home. I remember that doilie from when I was as little as Kitty is now. There is so much nostalgia around me here [big deep breath].......

....and since I had arranged a spooky Halloween weekend away with my girlfriends, I found yet another excuse to make a cake. I also carved my very first pumpkin this year, sad but true, and he's sitting there nicely in the background taking it all in.
Tomorrow night M & S Christmas Pud with Brandy Sauce is on the menu. Home is where the heart (cake) is.


  1. Aaaaah, those scones look and sound delish-ois. Nothing like an English Deovnshire tea. Love Kitty's cake - your bunting looks fab. And I felt a little prick in the corner of my eye for your nostalgic doily (and the deep breaths you had to take). Yes, home is where the cake is. Have a second piece for me. Go on, you know you want to!

  2. Oh I love the photo of the devonshire tea! Makes me want to jump on a plane to have morning tea with my mother-in-law.

  3. love you cakes....happy birthday miss.kitty....

    we too carved our first pumpkin this halloween....in fact the hubster loved that the kiddos loved him doing it soo much...that he carved two!!

    melissa xx

  4. OOoohhh ! The first photo makes me want to jump on a plane to Brighton and have tea and scones with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.
    Also, I have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award : here's the link : http://babygalahclothing.blogspot.com/2010/11/feeling-little-chuffed.html
    Hope you are having a great weekend, Dee x

  5. What a gorgeous garland on the cake, it looks so cute!
    Great post. Thanks :)

  6. This is such torture, why all the cakes? why all from my favourite foodie spots? why am I stuck on the otherside of the world marks and spencer less??? Why are Australian supermarkets stuck in the 90s? Why wont customs let me courier over these goodies? Have never had a cake with insects in or thats grown into a plant. Please can you eat double for me while your there? Those pots of jam, so many memories! Loverly blog!