Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i am seriously....

... obsessed with British supermarkets. Here I am, taking pictures at my local, with plenty of confused looks being thrown my way. But how sweet is everything! I agree that Australia do so many things better, and on the fresh food front I think they claim the prize. But the packaging and wording ' a scatter of mini marshmallows' 'add sparkle with jelly diamonds' make me want to buy EVERYTHING in sight!
Jars of yumi things everywhere.

Asian products were to die for. Their marketing strategy sure did it's work on me. I mean you have to buy 'a nest' of egg noodles even if they do reach their sell by date before your saucepan!

I love to believe that I will always abide by the 'fresh is best' rule.....but......when they put together a lovely little package like this and throw in a free bottle of vino, ....SOLD!

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  1. i am soo with you hon....
    fresh is without a doubt best...organic perfect...but give me a good dose of cool packaging and i will but the whole range!!

    love it all
    melissa xx