Wednesday, October 13, 2010

through the eyes of a ten year old....

We gave Ashley a camera for her trip to the UK as an early birthday present. Just a basic digital one. Here's a snippet of her snaps so far. These are totally unprompted and I think completely inspired.

london traffic
london eye

london cake shop

kitty in mum's back garden

mum's back garden-norfolk

I'm looking forward to seeing what else she'll come up with. I'll share some more later......


  1. oh my gosh- they are seriously GREAT 12 yr old has started taking photos since we moved here from australia- and they just see things at such an interesting angle at that age....

    those shots of london above are fab!

    and how cute is miss.kitty!!

    melissa xx

  2. Sensational stuff. Love it. The kitty pic is especially fun. xxx