Monday, November 15, 2010

excess baggage

I must admit I thought shopping for fabrics in the UK was going to be out of this world. However, I am very pleased to admit that my lovely little local is still the best selection I've found.

I did, however, manage to put myself in that oh so familiar position of purchasing a new case, paying the 40 quid excess and bringing home this lot. I looked in Wales, Norfolk, Rutland and Berwick Street in London for something a little bit different but really.....we have as good a selection down under after all (stroking fabrics in Liberty London however, was a bit special!)
I really enjoyed the ribbons though. There was definitely a better selection and some really lovely quality ones at good prices. 'piece de resistance' was definitely this original Mary Quant fabric picked up at mum's local charity shop for a pound! There's a good few metres, and I'm not sure where to go with it, but in true Quant style I quite fancy a nice little shift dress for summer.

Lovely stuff.


  1. oh how lovely! cant wait to see what you create :)

    kel x

  2. oh my dear did spend your *excess baggage money* wisely!!

    those ribbons are gorgeous....& what a find...mary those moments!!

    melissa xx

  3. Hi..So happy to meet you today.. love to share ideas with fellow creative ones. Yes, love the bird fabric, I have used this in my Rowantree Design Phoebe Collection. Roberta