Saturday, January 29, 2011

flea market finds....

My girlfriend found these super cute embroidered bedsheets in an op shop up the coast whilst she was on holiday. She said I could cut them up and make something sweet. I'm torn as to whether I'd actually want to cut them though. Maybe I'll wait JUST in case there are more bubs on the way.
I actually think the individual designs would look so lovely framed in different coloured embroidery hoops too.

I just returned from a mini break in Torquay and had a great rummage through the local op shop where I picked up the deep purple chunky beads and the dark olive green hoop. I also went to the Torquay Nightjar market which had a lovely relaxed atmosphere and some really great designers. Check it out if you're down that way as they run all through February too.

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  1. In agreement, the individual designs would look very cute in frames. Loving the necklace too :)