Tuesday, January 25, 2011

stylish blogging....

...why thank you lovely Melissa for the privilege of sharing this award with me. I adore your blog and our cuppas in cyberspace which I'm hoping one day will eventuate into the real thing. But for now, I'll share 7 things, like requested, with you....

1. My mum is my best friend. The unconditional, perpetual love I have for her blows me away and I could never imagine her not in my life.

2. My favourite food is Indian. I desperately want to visit India and experience the rich colours of their culture and eat lots of curry. I always know when something is 'made in India' over China. It's always nicer.
3. I have a real thing about cards. Choosing them, receiving them, making them, hoarding them and framing them. Give me a card over a present any day. In the mail though, not by email.
4. Lighting is very important in my life. It drives my husband nuts. It drives me nuts when I come home and he has the central lights on and not the candles and lamps. How a room is lit will completely affect my mood and I cannot shake off a dismal one if the 'big' lights are on. Especially fluorescent strip ones. Urghh!
5. I have no interest in jewellery at all which confuses my friends and pretty much every female I meet. I refused to let my husband buy me an engagement ring but was happy to accept my late grandmother's wedding ring as my own. It meant the world to her and cemented over 60 years of marriage between her and my grandfather. They married during the war and my beautiful nan, who assured me 'there weren't too many 22 carats flying around the WAF' generously agreed to pass it on to me when I married Matty a year after she passed away. It never leaves my finger.
6. I am most relaxed when staring into a fire. I long for an open fire in my old stone cottage with the white picket fence but am starting to doubt how much use I will get out of it living in such a warm climate. My favourite night of the year was always bonfire night when I was little. I can think about so much when I gaze into flames.
7.The only addiction I have ever had in my life is coffee. Which could obviously be a lot worse. I have a coffee out every day without fail. I am so happy I live in Australia where they make the best coffee in the world, this is not helping my habit however.

Please pop over to meet Melissa if you haven't already. She really does take the gold when it comes to stylish blogging.


  1. hello lovely!

    thank you for blogging about yourself!!
    i cannot believe how much you look like your mama!!

    i am having my home made coffee machine coffee whilst typing and blog hopping....yep australians make the best...i can't do with the british coffee in our little village...but i do drink alot of chai here in preference to english coffee...which leads me to our indian link!
    how amazing would time in india be...i'd love our three kids to be part of that colour and passion for life for a month...imagine kitty!

    we love bonfire night here too...the next village along has a wonderfully organised sharing farmer who starts building up his bonfire a good month in advance so we can all see it getting bigger...the excitement building....

    happy australia day to you G....
    have an extra pav for us abroad...

    melissa xxx

  2. THAT is a BEAUTIFUL post !!!
    I had tears in my eyes as I looked down at my own hand at my Grandmother's wedding ring and then took big a big sip of my coffee (espresso machine - no instant here EVER !)!
    And, cards, mums and lighting......all very important !
    Oh, and today is my nine year anniversary with MY girl George from England, so thanks for this beautiful post.
    Have a great day, Dee x