Sunday, January 9, 2011

flea market finds....

Footstall-$15 Vinnies
Crochet Blanket- $10 Vinnies
Teatowel-$2 Vinnies
Scotty Dog Bedding-$6 Vinnies

Very happy with my finds this week but left wondering... is there a nationwide Vinnies policy or is it up to each individual store? There are three local Vinnies that I visit (WAAAY too often!). My 'localist' one has a bunch of really nice staff who will always price an untagged item at the till. The footstool had no price tag so they generously priced it $15 at the counter..such a bargain and looking forward to sprucing it up a bit. Next day I went to another Vinnies where I bought the rest of the stuff. I found some great unpriced items but was told at the till it is not Vinnies policy to price items on the spot so it was promptly shoved in a huge bin behind her. Surely it would be better to get the sell? I was so upset to see my fabulous finds confiscated from me at the counter. I could have cried.

Ever since seeing Fletcher's (love that name) room in Spaces on page 77 I have been obsessing over creating a bedroom identical for my unborn son (surely 4th time around it HAS to be a blue one). The crochet blanket is for that room, of course!

Does anybody else shop at Vinnies? Do you ever have any untagged items taken off you?

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  1. Oh I would HATE that! I love the fabric on the stool. Good score. My local Salvos opens after Xmas break tomorrow, will have to be there 9 on the dot. Fingers crossed for some bargins.

  2. Thanks so much for playing along! I just love your finds this week! Yay for cute crochet blankets. I love Fletcher's bedroom too, it's so sweet. Can't wait to see how your room turns out!
    Sophie x

  3. I haven't had that happen at Vinnies but at Salvos a couple of weeks ago I found the most beautiful vintage top which was part of a set but the skirt was missing and even thought I offered to pay the full price of $6.00 the shop lady would not let me buy it as it said it was part of the set and it promptly got put in the bin behind her too. I was so stunned! just wasn't meant to be. The footstool is gorgeous the flowers around the sides are divine and those scottie dog sheets are just too cute!

  4. That's not nice at all. If ever I pick up anything unmarked, they always price on the spot, or even find another worker in the store to help them if they can't make that decision themselves. Maybe the worker wanted it for herself (terrible thought huh?. Maybe protest next time, you're entiled to it, priced or not, I would say. P.S Nice finds by the way!

  5. so... even in belgium this thing occasionally happens, has to do with their policy about 'no price tag on it : we're sorry, needs to go through the pricing mill again,and come to think off it, customers sometimes take tags off to get a better price'...
    yeah, well.
    so, the only time that happened to me with yarn i really, really wanted... i had to let go of the bargain at the spot. she wouldn't price tag!
    your crochet blanket is it for me, dear.
    lovely to make your acqauintance!
    looking back upon that, i can now laugh,...

  6. All the finds are great, but I adore that footstool. Looks like it's a great size!

  7. Footstool is lovely, as are other finds.

    I've never had anyone refuse to sell if tag is missing, they will find a price. A sale is better than none. How annoying!

  8. Hasnt happened to me at Vinnies, but I would be really sad too. The scotty dog sheet is adorable

  9. Oh gosh that is not cool at all, someone sounds like they're making things harder than they should be. I visit 'my mate vinnie' all the time and found they are the best for prices. My local vinnies always prices at the counter. I totally scored on Sat when i went hunting for remnants to finish off a pillow and while there a lady bought in a huge rug, every one in the shop was asked if they wanted it and as we have tiled flooring i said yes how much, $25 for a 6 week old galaxy rug from freedom. Lady didn't want it because her kids made too much mess on it! I hauled that rug in my car quick stix and high tailed it out of there with a massive grin on my face. That's how you're supposed to feel when you leave vinnies. I'd maybe mention to one of the other staff or stores about what happened.

  10. I NEVER find things like that!!! So good :-)

  11. I adore Vinnies. The store here is wonderful and the staff are lovely and helpful. I would be mortified if that happened to me. Any item that's unpriced they just decide at the counter and ask me if I'm OK with that price. Love them.

  12. Lovely vintage catches you have on your blog here! I really enjoy them all.
    Have a great week, love Maaike

  13. what beautiful finds! i love referring to spaces, i had it right next to me so was able to see what you were talking about, just lovely. there are some treasured ideas in that bible of a book. i have never experienced that at vinnies because the one i visit the most often is very particular and the ladies take great pride in knowing they've priced every item. whilst searching for a good 5 minutes at the counter i was told that it had to have a price tag as all of the ladies know the items MUST be priced! haha, she was dedicated. i have however, experienced this at lifeline. my item was taken off me so quickly and told that the pricing was not done there but at the warehouse. i was shocked and did go back to my car and cry. i was also told a crocheted blanket, hung over the back of a chair was not for sale and decoration only. i was apalled...i was willing to give them all of my dollars for it but they chose to hang on to it rather than support their charity. now i ask them if they challenge it or tell me there's no price tag. we opshoppers must know! i'm off for a vinnie's ferret later, will update you on my adventure. :) xx