Wednesday, January 12, 2011

lazy day clip frenzy

Rainy and overcast here in Sydney so having a day at home crafting. Am so excited now I have worked out how easy it is to make my own clips. Was feeling the need to expand Kitty's clip stash due to the million we lose in a minute. My girlfriend donated some gorgeous little crochet bits from a haberdashery she found in NYC and I have had a jolly old time with the glue gun this afternoon.
Kitty said 'wow mummy these are beautiful'. Seriously, how do 2 year olds unearth these phrases!? I have made up some little sets to dish out at mothers group tomorrow. Such a shame we are 80% boys. Just can't seem to whip up small accessories for them on a whim. Any ideas?


  1. There are a few girls in the Illawarra that would love some but chick #2 can't have huge clips with such fine hair.

    How about making braces for the boys?
    xo pip

  2. Simply adore the top four from the blue doiley to the pink flower button. Very nice indeedy. xo p