Saturday, January 1, 2011

scrummy SPACES

By far my favourite and my best Christmas present this year was SPACES by frankie magazine. Fabulous book! Check out some of the lovely pages.....
...CUTE vintagey bunting (even cuter little person)....
.....gorgeous colours in this kitchen...LOVE the floor...
.....a set of these plates on next years list, oh yes please......
...move in here tomorrow, oh go on then....
.....i might even enjoy washing if my laundry looked like this!

There are 256 pages and it's only $23. That's only about 8c a page! There are also lots of lovely interviews with creative peeps from all around the globe. Gold star hubby for this purchase!


  1. If you love this mag you should take a 'peep' at frankies magazine cookbooks

    "afternoon tea" and "sweet treats" the styling is sublime. The recipes lovely. They are at borders. Here's a link.

    xo p

  2. Yeah for sweet hubby's choosing great gifts. It looks like a lovely magazine. Happy New Year!:)

  3. love this hon...perhaps one more new years pressie for the house!! tee hee!
    hope you having a lovely start to 2011...

    melissa xx

  4. Hello there, I just stumbled across your blog, and its lovely!
    Not sure if you know about this or not, but most of those lovely photos are from the blog Dottie Angel, which can be found here: