Friday, February 11, 2011

a tea party!

Had so much fun organising the English tea party requested by my stepdaughter for her 9th birthday. Just so happens I might have a few china plates and Union Jack sandcastle flags waiting around in the cupboard for just that! These butterfly cakes were burnt but nothing a huge dollop of icing and a sprinkle of icing sugar can't cure.
I copied these little tea cups from a cafe I went to recently. So easy to make and look so sweet. The saucers were supposed to be 'tick tock' biscuits??!!....but think my husband is the only person on the planet who is familiar with these as not one Woolworths or Coles assistant is. I also made cucumber finger sandwiches (the kids looked horrified when I told them this, but I wanted it to be authentic). Needless to say the Ham and salad cream version were the first to go!
I sewed some little party bags and filled them with English sweets. Have not eaten Fruit Gums or Black Jacks for so long so it was a small case of 'one for you, one for me' when filling them up. Aaahhhh.....the memories........

PS Why don't Aussies put flags in their sandcastles! I have a stack of them which I bought back from England. Huh, we even have to colonise our sandcastles!


  1. gorgeous George...I have a huge collection of sandcastle flags to eventually bring home one day...we love them...!!

    the tea party looks a treat- one for you and one for them...i feel like that with Cherry Ripes!!

    melissa xx