Saturday, January 29, 2011

flea market finds....

My girlfriend found these super cute embroidered bedsheets in an op shop up the coast whilst she was on holiday. She said I could cut them up and make something sweet. I'm torn as to whether I'd actually want to cut them though. Maybe I'll wait JUST in case there are more bubs on the way.
I actually think the individual designs would look so lovely framed in different coloured embroidery hoops too.

I just returned from a mini break in Torquay and had a great rummage through the local op shop where I picked up the deep purple chunky beads and the dark olive green hoop. I also went to the Torquay Nightjar market which had a lovely relaxed atmosphere and some really great designers. Check it out if you're down that way as they run all through February too.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

stylish blogging....

...why thank you lovely Melissa for the privilege of sharing this award with me. I adore your blog and our cuppas in cyberspace which I'm hoping one day will eventuate into the real thing. But for now, I'll share 7 things, like requested, with you....

1. My mum is my best friend. The unconditional, perpetual love I have for her blows me away and I could never imagine her not in my life.

2. My favourite food is Indian. I desperately want to visit India and experience the rich colours of their culture and eat lots of curry. I always know when something is 'made in India' over China. It's always nicer.
3. I have a real thing about cards. Choosing them, receiving them, making them, hoarding them and framing them. Give me a card over a present any day. In the mail though, not by email.
4. Lighting is very important in my life. It drives my husband nuts. It drives me nuts when I come home and he has the central lights on and not the candles and lamps. How a room is lit will completely affect my mood and I cannot shake off a dismal one if the 'big' lights are on. Especially fluorescent strip ones. Urghh!
5. I have no interest in jewellery at all which confuses my friends and pretty much every female I meet. I refused to let my husband buy me an engagement ring but was happy to accept my late grandmother's wedding ring as my own. It meant the world to her and cemented over 60 years of marriage between her and my grandfather. They married during the war and my beautiful nan, who assured me 'there weren't too many 22 carats flying around the WAF' generously agreed to pass it on to me when I married Matty a year after she passed away. It never leaves my finger.
6. I am most relaxed when staring into a fire. I long for an open fire in my old stone cottage with the white picket fence but am starting to doubt how much use I will get out of it living in such a warm climate. My favourite night of the year was always bonfire night when I was little. I can think about so much when I gaze into flames.
7.The only addiction I have ever had in my life is coffee. Which could obviously be a lot worse. I have a coffee out every day without fail. I am so happy I live in Australia where they make the best coffee in the world, this is not helping my habit however.

Please pop over to meet Melissa if you haven't already. She really does take the gold when it comes to stylish blogging.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

flea market finds

My 8 year old stepdaughter was over the moon with her $1 porcelain doll find in the Vinnies toy sale this week. I thought I'd spare you the pain of a full frontal as let's face it, porcelain dolls are so fu..reaky and I'm convinced they all turn into Chucky at midnight.
I really don't need any more mugs but I just can't help myself. It's a mini fetish. And when you drink up to 8 cups of tea a day (this is number 4) you need a selection otherwise you are forever washing up and that is something I really loathe to do.
So I went and bought myself this Royal Albert 'Charlotte' Mug for a couple of dollars. It holds exactly the amount of tea I need in one sitting and is also the perfect thickness for sipping so all in all, a good buy!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

helpful crafters

My gorgeous sunglasses case arrived from BECKYBEAN yesterday. I love it. Bec's parents lost their house in the recent floods so she has generously donated all the proceeds from sales in her shop to the flood relief appeal. This divine new handbag item will be a constant reminder to me of how generous the crafty people have been in blogland. Humbling stuff.

Janie's in laws also lost everything in the floods including her mother in law's craft supplies. There was a call out from Selina to put together a package of any spare fabrics, buttons, elastics etc to help her replenish her supplies. It was such a nice feeling posting off that package knowing it might put a small smile on a face filled with lots of sadness.

I also posted off one of my boats which is going to be part of an auction in a fundraising event in Echuca.

Lastly, Sophie is also donating all proceeds from her shop sales to the flood relief. I just bought this divine brooch from her which is on it's way to a very special friend back in the UK who never gave up hope recently.

So there are tinsy winsy ways in which us crafters can help with the huge task of cleaning up and rebuilding of lives in Queensland. Even the tinsy winsy things count.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Queensland Flood Relief-Pocket Organiser Sale

All proceeds from the sale of one of these pocket organisers will be going to the Queensland Flood Relief. They are priced at $45 and can be customised to suit your needs. I have a huge variety of fabrics, if there is a particular theme you would like and can embroider any name/phrase you would like onto it too!

The first person to leave a comment on this post will win the item and must donate $45 directly to the Queensland Flood Relief right HERE. Postage is free of charge.

Once I have received emailed confirmation of this payment I will go ahead and make your organiser!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

lazy day clip frenzy

Rainy and overcast here in Sydney so having a day at home crafting. Am so excited now I have worked out how easy it is to make my own clips. Was feeling the need to expand Kitty's clip stash due to the million we lose in a minute. My girlfriend donated some gorgeous little crochet bits from a haberdashery she found in NYC and I have had a jolly old time with the glue gun this afternoon.
Kitty said 'wow mummy these are beautiful'. Seriously, how do 2 year olds unearth these phrases!? I have made up some little sets to dish out at mothers group tomorrow. Such a shame we are 80% boys. Just can't seem to whip up small accessories for them on a whim. Any ideas?

Monday, January 10, 2011

a new clock

I have been looking for a new kitchen clock for a while now. I think I just found it. On Etsy, made by the amazingly talented Mary Kate. Go check out her shop here, it's soooooo tempting not to buy EVERYTHING!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

flea market finds....

Footstall-$15 Vinnies
Crochet Blanket- $10 Vinnies
Teatowel-$2 Vinnies
Scotty Dog Bedding-$6 Vinnies

Very happy with my finds this week but left wondering... is there a nationwide Vinnies policy or is it up to each individual store? There are three local Vinnies that I visit (WAAAY too often!). My 'localist' one has a bunch of really nice staff who will always price an untagged item at the till. The footstool had no price tag so they generously priced it $15 at the counter..such a bargain and looking forward to sprucing it up a bit. Next day I went to another Vinnies where I bought the rest of the stuff. I found some great unpriced items but was told at the till it is not Vinnies policy to price items on the spot so it was promptly shoved in a huge bin behind her. Surely it would be better to get the sell? I was so upset to see my fabulous finds confiscated from me at the counter. I could have cried.

Ever since seeing Fletcher's (love that name) room in Spaces on page 77 I have been obsessing over creating a bedroom identical for my unborn son (surely 4th time around it HAS to be a blue one). The crochet blanket is for that room, of course!

Does anybody else shop at Vinnies? Do you ever have any untagged items taken off you?

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

scrummy SPACES

By far my favourite and my best Christmas present this year was SPACES by frankie magazine. Fabulous book! Check out some of the lovely pages.....
...CUTE vintagey bunting (even cuter little person)....
.....gorgeous colours in this kitchen...LOVE the floor...
.....a set of these plates on next years list, oh yes please......
...move in here tomorrow, oh go on then....
.....i might even enjoy washing if my laundry looked like this!

There are 256 pages and it's only $23. That's only about 8c a page! There are also lots of lovely interviews with creative peeps from all around the globe. Gold star hubby for this purchase!