Sunday, August 21, 2011

a top a day....Monday

I remember the conversation two years ago when my mother in law and myself decided to start making and selling clothes. She was going to make chenille pants and I was going to embellish matching singlets and t.shirts. Hence, the idea of kitty n' kitsch.....

...... however, after countless market trips, Madeit investigations and Facebook stalking I was feeling really uninspired on the clothing front as couldn't seem to come up with anything original and felt chenille had been done already and done so well that I felt the competition was way too high.

I had made some personalised buntings for some friends as pressies and then friends of friends started to order them and before I knew it I had my Madeit shop up and running selling those instead.

In the past month or so I have been inspired by some things that Kitty loves and have been dying to make some shirts to symbolise them. So I began playing around making shirts for Kitty and putting them through the wash which has been a great learning curve as to how I can successfully put the t.shirts together (I'm no fashion expert!-especially when it comes to sewing).

In the end I decided to use a combination of vintage and contemporary fabrics secured with applique and have found machined zig zag stitch has been the most affective way of adding that extra security to the design when going through the wash (if anybody has any better advice here I'd love to hear it!).

For this week only, I am going to post a t.shirt a day and would love to hear some feedback on them. At the moment I have only done girls designs but have some boys ideas drawn up, I just have to make some patterns.

I also wanted to share my divine brooch that I just won in the Made By White giveaway. I have been eyeing up her gorgeous stuff for so long and am so happy to own one of her lovely creations.

Next top tomorrow.....


  1. Then feedback you shall have...I LOVE it. I really love hot air balloon designs and I think your stylised version is just gorgeous. Really and truly. I would buy that.

  2. the first top is cute :) its definitely hard to come up with original designs, but im sure it can be done :) looking forward to seeing more tops you've made :)

  3. I love the T-shirt it is so cute and quite different to what you would see in the shops. I love hot air balloons, although I haven't seen many this year :( xxx

  4. Sooooo gorgeous... Wish you had've done these sooner I have lots of precious little ones to buys for can't wait to see the next one! Now my only problem will be which one to choose I guess! So original, love it! Xxx